The NDCF will be down for maintenance on October 3 and 4 for updates to the PDF, website, and app. To limit the difficulties in submitting your checks, submit all your NDCF 6.0 forms before October 3rd

• The dashboards have been updated with data up to July 2022.

If you have any issues, questions, or feedback, please email or use the feedback form under Contact Us.

NDCF Version 6 Updates

NDCF Version 6.0 Updates


Updated and regrouped resources on the top menu to help with flow and usability. Added a tab for data and dialed down communication options received from the field.

The NDCF is a secure, tiered-access car seat data collection and retrieval system.

Caregiver Information

  • Added language to encourage caregivers to check for vehicle recalls by visiting
  • Added No Vehicle Present to vehicle information to support seat checks and car seat distribution in non-typical seat check settings.
  • Removed CPS from “What CPS Agency is Hosting” to avoid confusion for caregivers.
  • Changed “Training” to “Practice” in the state drop down menus to be more concise when technicians are practicing with the NDCF.
  • Added a way to identify who was entering information from the paper form into the NDCF web page.


Overall, most changes were made to make the different systems consistent with terminology from the field and flow.

Child Information

  • Reversed the order of the height and weight fields to align with the national CPS Technician curriculum.
  • Added a question about the vehicle present.
  • Added “Other Source” to question 4, documenting how weight and height were collected.
  • Updated skip patterns to question 7. Added N/A to navigate past questions when vehicle is not present.

CS Findings On Arrival

Reordered harness questions to support the documentation on harness questions in situations where the car seat was uninstalled on arrival. Reordered questions 10 and 11.

  • Cleaned up response options for questions 10, 13 and 14 and added options based on past data collection. 
  • Changed all MFG to MFR.  

On Departure

  •  CS Uninstalled added to question 46 – Is the CS compatible with the vehicle?
    • Cleaned up response options for flow.
  • Changed question 47 to read: Child/CS Correct on Departure and removed All Corrections Made Prior to Departure to support seat checks that contained no errors.
  • Added additional discussion items to Technician Discussed field to document what was discussed with the caregiver. Added Vehicle Recall and Safe Sleep.

Caregiver Sign Off

  • No Changes.

iOS, Android, and Amazon Apps

  • Added the date a check was done on saved checks to make them easier to locate. 
  • Added a descriptor to the child on the apps to more easily decipher between multiple children. 
  • Agency should carry over from your previously selected agency. 
  • Changed, for better usability, button functionality throughout the app and on the signature page. 
  • Added some quality of life improvements to the form. For example, height and weight question automatically brings up the number pad on your phone instead of the entire keyboard.