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  • These data represent car seat checks recorded in the 3 years of NDCF data collection. All statistics and graphs are based on the best data available, but these data are not statistically representative of all U.S. children traveling in vehicles. Therefore, national numbers presented on the NDCF dashboard may differ from other published statistics on car seat misuse. As the number of seat checks in the NDCF dataset increases, representativeness of the data will improve.
  • Misuse rates for categories with less than 10 records are suppressed, since the rates are unreliable for very small sample sizes.
  • Not all misuse types are relevant for sub-categories. In these instances, the number of checks used for the analysis will be displayed. Total checks will also be reported in the tooltip.
  • Table tool note: the variable level of “null” is used for cases with not applicable and missing data. It means that either the variable does not apply to some cases (e.g., arrival car seat type does not apply if there was no CSS on arrival), or that the item was left blank for some forms. Blank table cells mean that there are no cases in the cell.

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