Version 6.0 will be released on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

The website,, will be down for maintenance and updates on Monday, October 4, 2021.

PDF/Paper Version 6.0 will be available on Tuesday, September 28th. Custom PDFs will be sent out throughout that week. 

All mobile apps will need to be updated on your device through your app store.

If you have any issues, questions, or feedback, please email

NDCF Version 5.0 Updates

NDCF Version 5.0 Updates


The NDCF is a secure, tiered-access data retrieval system.

Caregiver Information

  • New State/County select option to reduce misspelling of County names.
  • New Vehicle select data for vehicles newer than 2011. Vehicles older than 2011 will continue to use text boxes.
  • What CPS Agency is Hosting is now a required field. All new agencies are defaulted to the generic English and Spanish liability statements.
    • When creating an agency – make sure to add your own custom liability statement at that point. If you need to make an edit, email
    • If you’re doing a private check or a check not affiliated with an agency, select “No Agency Affiliation” from the search box.
  • Added first names to the Additional Techs attending search menu.
  • Added a question “How did the caregiver hear about the seat check?”
    • There is an “Other” field for more specific answers.
  • Added a question about if the seat checks are for Recertification to have documentation/proof that it was used as such.


Overall, most of the changes are making the different systems line up, the data on the backend cleaner, and differentiating between Child Information and Seat Information. All questions have been numbered for easier inputting of data.

Child Information

  • If 0<1 is selected for 1. Child’s Age, it will bring up question 1a to document the month range of the child.
  • If you select “Unborn” on 1, it will hide the other fields and do not have to answer them.
  • Added a box for Child Location in the Vehicle, 2.
  • Added a question about how weight and height were collected, 5.
  • Added a question about how the Child was Secured, 6.
  • Added questions relating to the child’s correct/incorrect use of the seat belt for data purposes, 6a and Misuse.

On Arrival

All NCS options have been changed to N/A’s. The car seat related questions were moved to after the misuse section. Misuse has been moved up to this section.

  • 7. If No CS is selected, it will hide all options up until “On Departure” for ease of use.
  • Removed some Restraint Type uses from Question 8 due to not being used.
  • Rearranged Question 9.
    • Selecting Uninstalled will skip to Question 20.
  • Added #17 to determine if Anti-Rebound Bars are used correctly.
  • Added question #21 – CS Correct for Child’s Age, Height, and Weight per MFG’s Instructions.


Findings on Arrival

  • MFG, Name, and Number are all required now. If the answer to the question is not known, there is an option to Select Unknown from the dropdown, and type U in the boxes.
  • Added a question about the CS being registered.


On Departure

  • Separated the Child and the CS leaving for data purposes.
  • Added question 44 – CS Registered for Recalls by Host or Caregiver.
  • Added question 45 – Is the CS compatible with the vehicle?
    • The question on 4.7 was giving varied results.
    • This question was added based on feedback from Car Seat MFGs and Vehicle MFGs
    • If you answer, “Yes, with difficulty” or “No”, it will bring up a list of misuses to select from along with an “Other” option for anything else not being captured.
  • Added Technician Discussed field to document what was discussed with the caregiver. This field is not required.


Caregiver sign off

  • Moved Education Materials Given and Caregiver Donation questions to this section.