•    Do you need to have an agency affiliation? 
No. If you are working independently and do not affiliate yourself with an agency, you do not need to complete the answer to that question. 
•    Once I create an account, how soon will I be able to access and use the digital check form?
Technicians should plan ahead to make sure their accounts are active prior to a check-up event. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the form prior to your first event. Allow 3-5 days to activate your account. 
•    What if my certification expires? Will I be able to continue using the digital check form?
No, your account will be suspended until you submit current proof of certification. You will need to upload a copy of the updated certification card from your Safe Kids profile. 
•    The digital check form does not have any family identifiers, how will I be able to keep track of the families I have assisted with seat checks if I ever need to refer back to the form I used?  
When using the digital check form at events, each family is assigned a unique digital check form ID number.  You have the option to ask families to sign in on a paper form with the recorded ID number. This ID number is used to track seat check data if you ever need to go back and review information on the check form. A sample sign in sheet is located under the Resources tab. 
There is personal information included on the PDF copy of the corresponding check form for this system that does not appear on the digital form. As part of the digital system personal information will not be gathered to protect personal information. However, local agencies may gather and keep the information locally on a paper form, for local level data collection if your program chooses to do that. In addition, the check forms (digital and paper) do ask for ethnicity, but the family has the option of not answering this question.

•    Our agency has a specific liability statement that we are required to use. How do we add our own liability statement to the digital check form? 
If you would like your agency's liability statement or logo added to the PDF check form, please complete and submit the Request Custom PDF form under the Resources tab. Allow 1-4 weeks for edits to be made.
•    Will the seats check I enter be uploaded to my Safe Kids account for recertification? 
No. You will need to sign in to your Safe Kids profile and enter in your seat checks for recertification.
•    How do I run a report on the seat checks that I participated with? 
Click the Home button and then click the Download Check Form Data button. This is raw data and will provide you with all of the information entered for each seat check you participated with.
•    I worked with another technician on a seat check and the information was entered into their account. Will I be able to retrieve data from the seat check in my profile? 
Yes, as long as you are listed on the digital check form under “Additional Techs.” The data from the seat check will available to all technicians listed on the form.  
•    What if there is more than one technician assisting the same family in the same vehicle, checking different seats on separate devices? 
Technicians have three potential options:

1.    Each technician can create their own check form for the family on their own device and record the information for the seat checks they performed. The form will have its own unique ID number. This will be a different number than the one created on the other device.

2.    The information can be saved in draft form on both devices and then manually entered into one device before it is submitted. The draft information can be deleted by emailing TTU with the check ID number.

3.    One of the technicians can use a paper form. The information can then be entered manually in to the digital form. 

•   Why is demographic data not included on the check form?

This digital check form is meant to serve as a tool to assist certified child passenger safety technicians and instructors in collecting data about car seat checks that they perform. At the same time, we have an obligation to respect the privacy rights of parents and caregivers. Therefore, demographic data is not collected through this resource. As an alternative, please find localized data to help plan for programming needs from your state department of health or demographic data available by zip code at American FactFinder – a site of the US Census Bureau: https://factfinder.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml.

For more information, please contact: info@carseatcheckform.org